Balanced and comprehensive news coverage
As a National News Agency, Bernama works under strict journalistic standards that assure in- depth, balanced and comprehensive coverage of events.

It operates a newswire that generates up-to-the-minute reports of Malaysian events as they break and develop aware that speed and accuracy mean everything to a demanding 24-hour-seven-day-a-week marketplace of readers, viewers and decision-makers.

Bilingual reports for all media
Bernama's reports are both in English and Bahasa Malaysia and produced in words and photographs specially dedicated for publication in newspapers, trade and general-interest magazines, online news services and Internet web sites. Reports are also tailored for broadcast on television and radio.
All the news on Malaysia's current affairs, politics, business and sports
The Bernama newswire delivers the entire report of national and state news covering politics, business and finance, sport, courts and human-interest stories. The wire's regional news is covered through a news exchange arrangement with the Organisation of Asia-Pacific News Agencies and the ASEAN News Exchange. World news is reported through correspondents in the world's major business and political centers.
The wire contains FOUR BROAD NEWS categories:

    1. The General News Service
It covers everything from current affairs, foreign relations, politics, crime and courts to sport and entertainment, technology and human-interest issues. Additional categories provide company press releases, an editorial diary of daily events and a daily summary of the top stories highlighted in the nation's newspapers.

    2. The Economic News Service
The news is tailored for business readers who need to keep a finger on the pulse of Malaysia's financial markets. Reports cover statistics, economic trends, trade, financial markets, commodities and policies of regulatory bodies like the Securities Commission, Bank Negara, the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance.

Also included are daily quotes of market indices, price movements of leading stocks, the Asia Pacific Stock market report and corporate announcements from listed companies.

    3. Features
A team of experienced feature writers produce in-depth and investigative reports on current issues that touch on human-interest concerns, politics and social and cultural developments. Feature articles are also sourced from the Organisation of Asia-Pacific news agencies and the ASEAN News Exchange, both news cooperatives made up of Asian News Agencies, through a news exchange programme.

Bernama's feature service is ideal for newspapers' lifestyle pages, magazines, newsletters and Internet information websites. Bernama's features also offer important story leads for television documentaries.

    4. Press Releases
Bernama's wire includes a category on press releases issued by companies, government organisations and institutions in Asia including Malaysia, the United States, and Europe. These releases are transmitted to PRWIRE, a Bernama subsidiary, for distribution to local and global media. Press releases usually cover:

  • Market opportunities
  • Technological breakthroughs
  • Corporate moves
  • Company announcements, corporate filings and financial statements