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Since it was established in 1968, BERNAMA has been Malaysia's premier source of news, information and photographs for newspapers, television and radio stations, international news agencies, and lately, for the online and Internet media.

Thousands more, from the business and financial community, government agencies and academic institutions, subscribe to Bernama's news services delivered on the personal computer. As a result, everyday throughout the nation, over 20 million people, and millions more around the globe, receive news on Malaysia through BERNAMA.

Meeting a 24-hour-7-day marketplace
BERNAMA delivers the news throughout the day to its media customers to help meet the 24-hour-7-day demands of readers, viewers and decision-makers. Close to 300 specialist reporters, editors, sub-editors, photographers and video camera teams are on the spot to cover events in Malaysia's 13 states, including Kuala Lumpur. International news (from a Malaysian perspective) is reported by Bernama's correspondents in Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, London and Washington DC.

A state-of-the-art communications infrastructure helps Bernama meet an editor's demands for speed, information sharing, access and reliability. Bernama's news reports are instantaneously transmitted to media customers via wireless networks, telephone leased lines, through a proprietary software system called INS2000i and the Internet.

Bernama's major subscribers remain Malaysia's and Singapore's English, Bahasa, Mandarin and Tamil newspapers including the countries' TV and radio stations.

Its international clients are foreign news agencies Reuters, Kyodo, AFP, AP, and others like Singapore Press Holdings, Fuji News Network and NHK Japan Broadcasting.

New media clients include Yahoo!, BBC Monitoring Services, Microsoft and several Malaysian and Singaporean portal sites.

BERNAMA's rich and extensive photo archive of news events covered since 1968 on political personalities, sports, disasters, victories and tourist attractions are available for subscription. Click services for more details.

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